"Cardivee" is an online card index to store and maintain structured data. At the moment the service is running as beta version.

Per default new users has a folder configured to store an address book, but its structure can be edit by you to fulfill your needs. You may create multiple folders with different structure. Each folder contains:

  • Cards - information about one object, e.g. a person.
  • Card types - different object types may be mapped into different card types; e.g. 'person', 'company', 'dog' etc.
  • Record types - define any additional information you need for your cards; e.g. postal address, phone number, email for an address book.
  • Card sets - you may group any card together; e.g. 'friends' and 'colleagues'.
  • Folder info - general information about folder.

Card or their records can be linked together. For example create one card per member of some family and add for all of them one address and phone number. Next time when them move to new address, you will change the address for one card, all others get it automatically.

You can create multiple folders, for example to separate private and work contacts.

Per default all entered information is accessible only by you. But you might give an access to other registered users to share some information.

Your comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome!